Decision Makers

The human mind is a machine so intricately designed and so meticulously framed that it usually carries out several processes at the same time. As human begins we make decisions that eventually take us from one point to another in our lives. The decisions we make end up defining us and they often go a long way in describing or shaping our character. Over the years I have studied human beings (myself inclusive), I have come to the conclusion that we are driven by different things to make the decisions we make. As such, we are each pulled towards a certain common feature that always influences our decisions.

With this in mind, I have been able to understand and even categorise human being based on their decision making attitudes and behaviours. While I may not have a degree in Understanding human behaviour or a PHD in the same, I have taken a bit of time to figure out how we make decisions in life.

Allow me to give you an insight into the kind of decision makers we have in this world.

The Procrastinating & Temporizing Ones

Whenever there is an urgent task that has to be accomplished, the procrastinator will try as much as possible to convince themselves and those around them that they will accomplish this task at a later. They are not known for failing to accomplish tasks but they are also not known for accomplishing tasks in time. They will put off anything and everything for a later date just so they can have a little freedom for the moment. The procrastinator usually has a series of things waiting to be done and most of them are done when the deadline is just around the corner. This person is driven by the urge to beat deadlines and not by the urge to actually get things done. Every time a problem shows up, the first thought that comes to mind is to think of a way to ensure that the problem is solved much later.



The Deal Executioner & Effective Ones

A deal executioner is the kind of person whose entire heart, mind, body and soul are dedicated to making things happen. They are the kind of person who will be called in to carry out a job that has been shabbily done by another person. They are the expert and they never leave any stone unturned. The only problem with the deal executioner is that while they actually get things done, they usually do it at the cost and expense of other people. They often have to step on several toes just to make sure that their targets are met. They are ruthlessly efficient and painfully result oriented so much that they will ignore their own pleasures just to make sure that certain deals are perfectly executed.


They make things happen!

The Pleaser & Prithee Ones

Everyone has got a special group of people they love to impress. Whether consciously or unconsciously we all have certain people whose ‘Thank you’, ‘I am happy’ or ‘I am impressed’ we live for. Now there are people whose lives are defined by these people. They wake up everyday and go to bed everyday worrying what these people think. Some people love to please their parents, others their partners, some their friends and others attempt to please the whole world. Naturally, since it is impossible to impress everyone, these people usually end up pissing off a bunch of other people. Also, they will most likely make their decisions based on whether or not certain people are impressed or blown away. If they did something and their special people were impressed, they would care less what everyone else said.

cartoons-clappingThey thrive on applause from others

The Reckless & Impulsive Ones

Now while there is a hint of recklessness in us all, there are those who have mastered the art of being reckless so much that almost every decision they make ends in mistakes and problems. Such people always make decisions based on how they feel at that moment in time. They very rarely think things through. If they are supposed to make a financial decision, they will make it based on how their wallets are at that moment in time. They rarely think about the future and are usually not so bothered about learning from their mistakes. Such people will make one wonderful decision and then follow it up with 37 terrible decisions ending in a disastrous life. As sad as it may be, such people live among us and every day that passes, they inch closer and closer to demise because of the numerous reckless decisions they make.

RecklessThey don’t care much about life

The Calibrated & Calculative Ones.

Some people are so cautious about life so much that they doubt their very own existence. Everything that crosses their path is either set to destroy them or to bring then down. They will question each and everything that they come across and will second guess every little word that comes out someone’s mouth. Such people often end up being successful yet overly mean and they tend to have the perception that people are unsuccessful simply because they are lazy. They tend to make decisions only when they have ascertained that all loopholes have been covered. And even when all loopholes have been covered they will still go ahead to have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C; they just cannot stand the sight of smell of failure.

abacus2Everything has got to add up

The Convulated & Complex Ones

These ones will never ever opt for the easier and straightforward decision. They always want to complicate even the simplest of things. If for instance they like someone and someone likes them back, they will not necessarily dive into a relationship even if everything was conducive. They will want a more complex plan that may or may not eventually work. They are often caught in a web of to-do’s simply because they seek for far more complex solutions to problems. Even the simplest of decisions will be made complex, long and difficult to understand. If they had an issue with a partner, rather than solve it by talking to them, they will gladly pay for therapy and counselling after blowing the problem out of proportion. They are usually problem solvers but also create a whole load of problems as they go about trying to solve their problems.

Lost and Confused SignpostThey often end up at crossroads

As already mentioned, I am no expert at studying humans beings but I am convinced that every human being somehow belongs to one of these groups. Some individuals actually belong to more than one group.

“I must have a prodigious amount of mind; it takes me as much as a week, sometimes, to make it up!” ― Mark Twain

Bernard Ewalu Olupot
a.k.a Beewol
The Talkative Rocker
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