Action O’clock

Recent statistics scream rather loudly that young people are the greatest percentage of Uganda’s population. With well over 78% of the population under thirty years of age, it is safe to say that Uganda is a country that belongs to the young folks. Naturally this statement scares many people because let’s face it – many young people are more destructive and empty headed than we care to admit. There are many insightful and thoughtful young people out there but equally, the brainless ones among us are not hard to spot. On any given day, you will find these young people engaged in a heated argument over whether Kendrick Lamar is a better rapper than Common or whether Robin Van Persie moved from Arsenal to Manchester United just for the money. Personally I think Common is a legend and Yes – RVP moved to Man United for the money (and trophies); however, these are not arguments that ought to define anyone’s life or be the pivot of anyone’s life. The young people have been taken up by issues that should otherwise be relegated to the back.


We spend more time arguning about non-issues

Is the situation really that bad?

To be honest, the situation is not that bad. I just thought I’d take a dig at the young people and anger a few people along the way. There are very many young people who are under thirty but are more mentally mature than most physically senile folks. Young people (both insightful and brainless) are quite many and they have a lot of power in their grasp. Whether or not they are using this power for their (and their country’s) good is a different issue altogether. One thing is for sure though – if anything good is to come of this country and generation, the young people have to play a dominant role.

Impacting on Society 

Most people imagine that success in this life is all about studying hard, graduating with honors, getting a fairly decent job, marrying a not-so-ugly person and bearing not-so-many children. By the time such people see out their last days, they are remembered by a few close friends, a few family members and their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends. Outside of that, their memories usually disappear into oblivion and they probably end up going to the most boring parts of heaven (or hell). On the other hand, with all the power that the young people possess, they can transform not just their lives but the lives of those around them and thus make an impact on society.

So one should join politics, right?

Hell No! There is a general misconception that many young people today seem to have about their role in transforming society. Many of us think that unless one joins political circles one cannot positively impact society. Politicians are very powerful people and they are the reason many decisions are shoved down our throats every now and again. However, man does not only live on the lies of a politician but also on the positive impact created by non-politicians. If anything, the the non-political transformation of society is bound to solve many problems including some of the political ones. I know a number of young people who have been a great part of transforming society without having to engage in political activities. Personally I am not a fan of politics. I may engage in an argument here or a debate there but you would definitely lose a bet if you thought I’d take part in active politics.

Plan of Action

For starters, the young people ought to use the time we have to equip ourselves with information, skills, knowledge and understanding. We should learn where we come from, understand where we are, and attempt to map out a plan for where we want to be as individuals and as a country. Since the young people are the greatest part of this population, one can assert with fair certainty that any movement in the right direction for this country must be engineered by the young people. We ought to harness the power and resources we have to become better people and to improve our societies and our country in general.

It is now a common song that Government does not offer this or does not offer that. While there may be truth in this, it does not make sense for the young people to expect heaven on earth from the government. If our beloved government is not forthcoming with just the bare minimum of earth on earth, why should we expect heaven? We need to get off our complaining butts and start creating transformation by being the change we would like to see in our society. We should share our ideas with the older people – their counsel is priceless. We should also brainstorm our ingenuity with fellow young people – they may help us polish up on our ideas to make them have more transformation. Finally, we need to equip ourselves with information and understanding and above all – we need to start acting now!

Wakey Wakey!! 

At the recently concluded CSO Fair (Civil Society Organization Fair), it became apparent from the different sessions that Ugandans actually know what to do to make their country better. The problem is that we are intent and focused on blaming the Government so much that we forget our role as citizens and Young People in particular. True – the government deserves the occasional insulting and abuse for a job poorly done. However, if we are going to spend most of our time shouting at the Government, we are going to lose our voices and as a result fail to answer the question – What have we done for our country? Stop blaming the Government and start acting now.


We’ve done enough sleeping

Croak and Rhyme

A couple of Youths under the umbrella of ’40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation’ have decided to take matters into their own hands and avail themselves as advocates for societal change. Knowing well that for one to attain a good education, one needs a fairly substantial bank balance, these guys have set out to be the stepping stone for some less privileged children  to get better education. After helping Happy Times School in Luwero build a dormitory that now houses over 213 children, these youths have set out to help Agape Children’s Home in Kibuli improve their education. To be able to collect the money for the project, a fun event called Croak and Rhyme has been planned for July 4th at the Uganda Museum. At this event, a host of artists will be performing all in the name of charity. Entrance has been set at Shs. 10,000 and the show is set to begin at 6:00 pm. Needless to add, when one attends the event, they will have fun, drink something, eat something, listen to something and help chip into the basket that will go a long way in improving education for Agape Children’s Home. Anyone and everyone who reads this should therefore mark their calendar and show up at the Museum, if not for charity then probably just to see performances by a host of talented artists. If you are still wondering how and when to be a part of societal change, wonder no more because it is Action O’clock!


Mark your calenders!

spacer“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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