A Despicable Decision

It is fairly right to say that the point at which you are as an individual is as a result of summation of decisions you have made over the course of your life. These decisions have either made your life worthwhile or totally meaningless and oftentimes you have boasted about or regretted these decisions. On the morning of January 12th 2014, I made one such decision and as fate would have it, several hours after making the decision I was left wondering what the hell I was thinking.

46475171-0441-786E-F433F1BBB058B155_1Decision making – a Nightmare!

A background to the rather bogus decision I made

When critically analyzing decision theory whether it be in mathematics, economics, statistics, philosophy or even psychology, one will encounter a number of explanations for why and how human beings make the decisions they make. When a man decides to go down on his knees to propose to a lady he has been courting over several months, the general expectation is that she will say ‘Yes’. The man will have have somewhat weighed his options and the outcome is likely to be positive. Naturally there are individuals who defy this assumption and they will propose to a woman without critically looking at the possible outcomes; such men usually end up getting dumped on the very day they try to propose to a woman.

On the Morning of Sunday January 12th, I made a decision that caused me a lot more trouble than I anticipated. I did not exactly propose to a woman but I said ‘Yes’ to a very silly wager that got me in a bit of trouble. You see, in decision theory, there is something known as ‘The Compromise Effect’. This is essentially the process of making decisions that involve two extremes. Normal human beings will opt for the decisions that hold fairly moderate advantages or benefits as opposed to decisions that might result in very extreme results. Well, like the far-from-normal human being that I am, I made a decision that had two extremes as results. One of the extremes was entirely to my benefit and the other extreme involved quite a huge sacrifice.


I simply rushed into decision, oblivious of the warning signs

How it all started

At about 6:30 am on Sunday morning, I received a phone call from a friend in Boston, USA. Seeing as their clock is weirdly too far behind ours, I was not exactly put off by the phone call. My friend (who for purposes of this Blog we shall call Chloe) called me up with a very interesting proposal. She knows how much I love animated movies so she proposed something along the lines of my love for them. With the Golden Globe awards a few hours away, she suggested a wager on the Awards category for animated films. The nominees for Best Animated Feature Film at the 71st Golden Globe Awards were Frozen, The Croods and Despicable Me 2. I knew without a hint of doubt that Despicable Me 2 was taking the nod home. Why? Well, I just love the damn movie to bits and pieces. Chloe suggested that we place a bet on which animation we both thought would be the eventual winner. I went for Despicable Me 2 and she went for Frozen. The loser would have to give up access to the internet for 20 hours on Monday and they would have to pay up $500 which when converted to Ugandan currency is a whooping Shs. 1,2500,000. Chloe and I are the kind of people whose lives are very much centered around access to the internet so much that without it we are almost utterly useless so the wager seemed like an all-or-nothing kind of affair. I was in total agreement because every inch of my body felt like Despicable Me 2 was taking this one home. A few online reviews even gave the others no fighting chance. I was confident that this was was on the bag.

So what happened?

Well, as fate would have it, Frozen went on to win the coveted Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film, something that led to a series of unfortunate events at my end. For starters, I had to stay away from the internet for the agreed 20 hours and then follow it up with a hunt for $500 to promptly send to Chloe. Seeing as my wallet is not exactly smiling (heck, it never ever smiles!), I shall be looking for ways to pay up the debt before the end of the Month or stand the risk of the amount increasing (something about a Multiplier effect that was added in the wager terms and conditions). Also, with no access to the internet for 20 hours on Monday, I could not access whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook, something that almost caused some of my close friends a heart attack. It also meant that I could not get online to see or reply any of my emails, something that has gotten me into some really big trouble with a potential investor. Finally, it meant that I had to update my blog within the remaining few hours of Monday and not on Monday morning as has been the tradition for almost a year now.

Lessons learnt

I love to keep my word for the simple reason that I also prefer that people around me did the same thing. Chloe is an ardent reader of my Blog and I of hers and so she will most likely be grinning as she reads this. I need you to know something though Chloe; Despicable Me 2 is still an awesome movie and I almost feel like you bribed the Golden Globe guys to not rightfully hand the award to the group of Steve Carell, Russell Brand, and Miranda Cosgrove as Gru, Dr. Nefario and Margo along with the awesome minions. The despicable decision I made to fall for this wager with you is one I have been regretting for the past several hours and even now as I finally access the internet to update this blog, I feel like murdering you in cold blood!

Margo-agnes-edith-despicable-me-2My Despicable decision was because of these girls Margo, Agnes and Edith 

Everyone should have a wonderful week; everyone except Chloe. May your internet connection get fried within seconds of you opening this Blog!

“If you always make the right decision, the safe decision, the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else.” ― Paul Arden

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