Letter to Paul, Liz and Aminah

Good Morning guys;

Following our meeting on Friday morning, I would like to say thank you for working with me over the past few weeks. I however write to you this letter not to talk about the work we did but to bring to light something that we discussed during the time we worked together.

Taking it from the top

From what the books of history tell us, it took Thomas Edison over 2 years of making mistakes, 3,000 various bogus theories as well as tests on more than 6,000 different types of fiber for a carbon filament before he finally invented the light bulb. Many of us look at this sort of perseverance and secretly thank the heavens we are born in an era when many things have already been discovered. If I was personally charged with discovering anything to do with the light bulb, the human race would be in darkness for eternity. I am not very good with patience or perseverance and I certainly am not good with Science.

Unlike Thomas Edison whose insistence would later open a fresh chapter in the history of science, a good number of people have what I like to call misguided insistence. One can argue that the more times you fail at something, the more lessons you learn and if you keep trying something over and over, you will eventually get it right at some point. This may be true on many occasions. However, more often than not, you will come across some people who could do with raising a white flag here and there. Many of us have attempted and failed at certain tasks so many times we should be handed medals and retirement packages for being constant and consistent failures.

Before you can get me wrong, I would like to make it categorically clear that I am fully aware of the fact that one is never born all knowledgeable. I am also aware that the best way one can perfect their mastery of anything is through practice which often involves failure every now and again. However, we should all have the insight and intellect to be able to know when to throw in the towel and let go of our misguided insistence. You do not need to have six failed marriages before you can finally figure that maybe the problem is not with all the men you have divorced but rather with you. Equally, there is no need for you to continue pursuing a career in comedy when all the time you are on stage telling jokes only two people laugh; your girlfriend and her sister. Maybe you should consider a career elsewhere. Several weeks ago, I hinted to your boss about something similar to this but she failed to take heed.

I told your boss that sometimes all one needs for them to realize that they should throw in the towel are a few bruises here and there and other times maybe one needs more than just a few bruises. However, on other occasions, one simply needs to be honest with oneself to know that maybe one should not have misguided insistence. I have personally attempted to sing a few times but even if I paid someone to say that I have a good singing voice, they would be at pains to say it. I therefore do not under any circumstances plan on pursuing a music career now or ever, despite my extreme love for music.

Until this past weekend, I held the view that your boss was a decent person until I realized that she seems to think she is more intelligent than everyone else and I think this must stop. You see, your boss Clare possesses extreme pride, has a body that oozes sexiness and she basically carries around her perfect curves with so much style it is mind blowing.  She has those piercing sexy eyes that would make any man reveal his ATM card pin without much prompting. I know you guys know this; Clare has one problem – she is not exactly blessed with that much intellect. Strangely though, she seems to think otherwise. She will occasionally throw an insult at someone because of their tribe or say something cold to someone else because of what they are wearing; she is generally a woman with no brains and no manners either.

All this would not be a problem if on some level she got along with a few people. Sadly, from what you guys told me and from what I experienced, Clare never seems to get along with anyone. She is too rude, extremely bossy and abnormally snobbish. And I experienced this first hand! What exactly shocked me is that Clare has been a Public Relations Manager for your company for almost two years now. How the hell did you let this happen? HOW? You know, your company is slowly losing its credibility simply because of Clare’s misguided insistence on running affairs even when clearly she is better off being behind the scenes or better still, far away from the scenes.

I was recently called for a meeting by her assistants to discuss how I could do some work for your Company. Clare and I had a 10 minute meeting after which she referred me to you guys to carry on with the details. As I later learnt, you guys did all the work while Clare enjoyed all the accolades. Now I know I have no business poking my nose into affairs that do not concern me and I am probably the last person who should be saying anything about Clare. However, after working with you guys for a few weeks, I have learnt that she barely does anything yet she hogs all the credit; why is that? What’s worse is that she earns almost three times what you guys earn. This may not really be a problem if she was a half decent person who did not insult everyone from the cleaners to the employees.

Paul, Liz & Aminah, I hear your silent cry and I totally feel your pain. As I had promised you guys, this Monday’s Blog is decated to your witch of a boss, madam Clare. She may smell like a garden of roses and look like a princess but she is an evil woman in and out. She has been misguided that she has the brains and intellect but even God knows her strengths lie elsewhere.

If by the time you read this letter you have not yet been fired by Clare who cannot stand being around anyone brighter than she is – which is everyone, do tell her I said hello. I hope we can and shall work together again, this time with a more reasonable and humane boss coordinating things. Clare is a real mess.

Have a great week Paul, Liz and Aminah and don’t forget the #BeSanta project we talked about. The Forty Days Over Forty Smiles Foundation is constructing a Dormitory block for Happy Times School in Luwero and we are collecting funds to complete the project. Also, do save the date 14th December because it is when we are going to Luwero to put a Christmas smile on the faces of the little kids. I hope that witch can allow for you to come with us to make the little kids in Luwero smile.

Take care guys and have a super week.



a.k.a Beewol

The Talkative Rocker

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