The Ends that Never Want to Meet – That is Life!


Life never really gives you the opportunity to put a finger on what your future should be and eventually getting exactly that. Unless you are the heir to a Crown or Empire, there’s very little in terms of knowing what the future holds for you. For this reason, it is safe for one to conclude that life is a gamble.

For some, this gamble that life is, turns out to be a little more telling than for the rest. Some folks wake up in the morning with no idea what the day holds for them and with no idea whether they even want to live through that day. You will often come across such folks wandering about aimlessness in the city, probably hoping to bump into an old friend who might have some sort of remedy. Every once in a while you will find them engaging in a job hunts that last two-thirds of their lives.

For others, the gamble of life has to do with putting other people’s lives at risk. Now these are the heartless, greedy and inhuman kind. These folks rely on unscrupulous and inhuman ways to earn and sustain a living; some venture into all kinds of crimes to make ends meet. Many do it at the expense of the poor and innocent folk. Most politicians fall in this category because while they feast on the taxes and contributions of their poor countrymen, they actually make other people’s lives harder by enforcing policies and laws that squeeze the poor.

After a while, the intention for these criminals tends to drift from simple survival to full blown addiction. And before you know it, one becomes an accomplished criminal not because they want to survive but because, well, it is the only thing they are good at.

Making ends meet can be tricky especially if the ends are like-poles. Back in high school, we were taught that unlike poles attract and like poles repel each other. It naturally means that we would rather have our ends being unlike poles so we can make them meet with a little more ease. Life however rarely offers us ends that easily meet. As well noted, unless one is heir to a wealthy relation or they suddenly got included on the list of the beneficiaries to a certain trust fund, there is no way they are going to make ends meet easily without breaking sweat. The problem with going out there to break a sweat sometimes has to do with the weather. I mean, if the weather is cold, the chances that one will sweat, are close to none. And guess who usually determines what the weather out there will be like…. Yes. The ones whose ends are already meeting!

While all this is happening, every day that passes, when you read the dailies and watch the news, you get reminded that while you are struggling to make ends, there are certain folks who actually own your ends! They are at liberty to decide that your ends should and will never meet so no matter how hard you work or how much sweat you break, your ends are never going to see eye to eye. Under such circumstances, one then asks the question – why do the have-nots get the raw deal? Why is it always that the folks who work hardest and noblest end up getting paid least and last? The answer to this otherwise philosophical question is in three very useless but constantly used words “That Is Life”. One wonders why life has to be this way though …could death have better options? Could it be fairer in death? After all, when we die, we all go six feet below, unless you are Bin Laden who was dumped in the sea and is probably a little deeper than most.

While we apportion the blame and distribute the responsibilities for failed meeting of ends, we always forget that each person has a different scale with which they weigh or value the “ends”. For one person, making ends meet might involve having that one meal a day. For another person, it might mean making sure there is dessert in form of a chocolate cake right after a sumptuous dinner. For someone else, it might mean ensuring that in the very least, there is fuel in the Lamborghini, the flight to Bahamas is right on time and the week’s shopping has been done.

Usually, life is such that when one person at one end of the world is struggling to find something to eat, at precisely the same time, someone at the other end of the world else is actually wondering where to drop off the left over pizza. That ladies and gentlemen is Life!


a.k.a Beewol

The Talkative Rocker


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