The Return

Its been a massive 36 months (or something there about) since I was last here. And the reason for this? Well, loads of social networking sites have since popped up. Toggling between facebook, Twitter, my email and more important and constructive things like work at my desk can be a real headache. It therefore meant that blogging had to be given some sort of break, albeit a rather long one. However, I am now feeling totally left out because most (if not all) my buddies seem to have blogs that they update quite regularly. Whether or not these updates are worth reading or just deleting is another issue altogether. Whatever the case, i will not be left behind .. not now, not ever.

So this is me trying to state my case for a come-back of sorts. (Putting right hand on a bible app) From today onwards, I promise to be more regular here. If not because I have anything sensible to blog about, then because I need to keep with the times. How else will people know that I too have a sense of humour (and please do not argue against this) and how will folks know that I am not a deranged less-than-intelligent individual with a mind of my own? I need to re-focus my time and divert some of it to putting down some gibberish here and there, whenever I have time. Or to put it more rightly, whenever my boss is not passing by my desk to see how much work I have accomplished.

It might seem like I actually have a very important announcement I am going to make; otherwise why would I keep anyone reading this blog any longer. Turns out, I have already made the announcement (that I am resuming my blogging habits). However, there is one other announcement I will be making … but that will probably be in my next blog. Is this not the sort of suspense that my man Quentin Tarantino usually uses in his movies? (Ok Maybe its a little different but what the hell, expect some major blogging hence forth) … So how does one sign off a blog like this? See you soon? Talk to you soon? Lie to you soon? Whatever suits the moment, we’ll go with that.

That will be all …for now

a.k.a Beewol 
The Talkative Rocker


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