The Demi-god in me

Before I go to bed, I always sit back and try to take a rather well calculated and properly monitored stroll through the events of the day. As I play back these happenings, it often crosses my mind that I could have acted better here or I could have used a less vulgar word there. Sometimes I even pat myself on the back and nod my head to approve of some noble deed I shocked myself by doing through the day.

Very recently, (last night; to be precise) I was doing my usual routine when something odd crossed my mind. A rather disturbing question was paused right before my mortal being “What if I am living someone else’s life?” What if the life I am living belongs to someone else and in essence I am simply trying to find fault with that person’s life and this is why I am constantly on the look out for what I could do better? Then it actually dawned on me that hey; I could be a demi-god for all I know!

This is usually the part where someone says “Snap out of it” or “Wake the hell up” but since its just me in the midst of these ramblings, there is no wake up call. So then I shall proceed with my bizarre thoughts. What if I am actually heaven sent and I am not from around here? Would that not explain why I often spend countless hours looking back at my life and wondering what I could have done better? Instead of bothering myself with the answer to this question, I shall echo the same question to anyone reading this – What if you were destined to lead a much better life than you actually are leading?

At this juncture, it makes sense for me to now unveil the real reason why I am writing this Blog. uuhhmm, I don’t quite know. But hey, ask yourself the question – What if I am supposed to lead a much better life than this! What if I am getting a raw deal?

After asking yourself this question, go to bed a happy person and in the morning when you rise up, be sure to attempt to live a life that will leave you smiling and thinking “maybe this is supposed to be my life after all”. I will however carry on with my routine of being dissatisfied with being an ordinary person and attempting to carry myself around like a demi-god.

That will be all …for now


a.k.a Beewol 
The Talkative Rocker


4 thoughts on “The Demi-god in me

  1. Nice,i love your thoughts….reflecting back to what you went thru the day is a good start to realise our gd and bad takes of the day.thanx a lot.

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